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The "Secret of Cerulean Sand" Anime Site

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Secret of Cerulean Sand (Patapata Hikosen no Boken,Adventures of the Airship Patapata,Shobi)

Inspired by Jules Verne's "Facing The Flag" and "City in the Sahara", is a epic adventure story set in the 19th century and featuring 15 year old girl Jane Buxton, the cheerful and intelligent daughter of the extremly rich Buxton family.  Her oldest brother, George, a scientist, is said to have been shot for treason while exploring an unknown land. Young Jane sets out on a dangerous journey into the unknown land to discover the truth about her brother and to clear her family's name.  

What follows is one of the most fun, powerful, and moving anime series of all-time!!!  (of course that's just my humble opinion).  It also features extremly awsome character designs ( a mix between traditional anime and Batman the Animated Series), and a close- to- perfect soundtrack!

The series contains 26 episodes, and I saw the fansubbed version, you probably can find a copy at your local anime store, the first dvd goes by the name "Shobi", there's a total of three dvds.

So feel free to take a look around!    ^_^

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** UPDATE **
June 14, 2003
Added some more pictures in Picture Gallery #2.
Sorry for the lack of updates, but, there's not much out there on this series that I can find.  I guess I'm just going have to draw some fanart pics to put up^_^

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