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Do you have a cool Anime fan art  or Cosplay site you want us to check out? 
E-mail Gary and Louis at:

  • Will you guys draw me a drawing for free?  Once we use to draw for free, but, way too many people wanted one, and when we sent them one, most of them never responded back with a "Thank you".  So, now we charge $5.00 for a colored drawing, this way we draw only for those who really want a drawing from us. 
  • Are you two brothers?  The last name probably gave it away, didn't it?
  • Why do you only have drawings of girls on your site?  Hey, we're guys.
  • What do you look like?  You first.
  • What made you get into anime?  When the Disney films became horrible.
  • Is there a comet headed toward Earth?  Hmmm....maybe.
  • Do you guys cosplay?  Nope.
  • Why don't you draw rated "R" type drawings?  They offend God, and we don't want to burn in the enternal flames of hell.   ^_^
  • Do you read Manga?  Yep,Yep,Yep.