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Hey Anime girl Art
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Girls of Digimon
Girls of Digimon # 2
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Misc. Anime Series # 2
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Padme # 1
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Anime Expo 2004 Pics 2
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Commission Artwork

How Much
For (Private) drawing: Only $5.00 for a drawing (one character and colored) and sent to you by E-mail in J-Peg format.
By "Private" you can't use the drawing to make any money off it.  It's for your own personal enjoyment, anime club, etc.
For (Small Business) drawing:
$30.00 for a drawing (one character and colored)
You receive the drawing (via Post Office) on a floppy disk, and you also receive the drawing printed on paper.The drawing is scanned in at 300 dpi or 600 dpi.  We use Adobe Photoshop to color the drawings.
By "Small Business" you have the right to use the drawing as a logo or anything else that promotes your business.  You may not use the drawing for anything that you'll sell, or make a profit off of. Example: T-shirts,etc.  If you need something for profit, contact us about it.
  • We don't draw any rated "R" type drawings.
  • We accept Check,Cash, and Money Order.
  • Once you e-mail us and tell us  what you want, we'll then e-mail you our P.O. Box address.
  • It should only take a couple of days for us to finish and color the drawing.
  • If you're under 18, make sure you get your parents permission before you order.
**NOTE** Please don't e-mail us any ATTACHMENTS unless we ask you for one.  Because we don't open and read any
e-mails that have them.    Thanks.  ^_^
Contact Gary or Louis at: